Privacy Notice

GDPR – Handling and protecting your personal details.

As a sole trader I am the only person who handles your personal details.  These details are limited to your name, email address, possibly your telephone number and, rarely, postal address. They are stored on my computer whose contents are not accessed by any third party.  There is never any need for this information to be shared with anyone else and I would never do so.

Your details are used for very few purposes, namely to communicate occasional changes to fees or other aspects of the teacher/client relationship and to arrange or re-arrange lessons.

All these details may be deleted and therefore no longer held when you inform me that you will no longer be taking lessons and wish for your details to be deleted.

You have the following rights:

  1. To see the records that are held
  2. To ask that the information be corrected
  3. To ask that your records or parts of records be deleted
  4. To object to a specific use of your data
  5. To lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office