Singing Lessons

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My approach to teaching singing is technique-based. I believe that any singer, classical or popular, wanting to develop vocal control, flexibility and range, must learn certain basic techniques of breath control, voice placing, vowel shaping and diction, as well as musical skills and appreciation.

I aim always to establish good, healthy habits of posture, breath support and vocal production, largely through a wide range of exercises, alongside the learning of songs and the acquisition of musical understanding.

I find that hour-long, weekly lessons are usually preferable to shorter ones, which always seems too short to accommodate all the necessary elements of singing-training. When necessary, shorter lessons are charged pro rata.

My usual fee for an hour`s lesson is £25, though I do make concessions for those on a low income and for students.

Greg Wright BA, ALCM, Cert. Ed.

I trained as a teacher and taught for some years as Head of Music in the state system. I have many years’ experience as a teacher, conductor and singer. My performance experience encompasses choral society conducting, solo and choral singing, Cathedral choir singing and conducting, acting and play-directing, theatrical MD and cabaret. I also have a psychology degree.

Currently I am the conductor of The Lincoln Singers, who sing at Cathedrals and other churches around the country, and The Hungate Singers, who perform an unusually wide-ranging repertoire including much popular music.

Since I started teaching privately in Lincoln twenty-five years ago, I have built an enviable reputation as an effective singing teacher in classical and popular style.    Telephone: 01522 523865    Mobile: 07776 150909

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