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“Singing has always been important to me, but I’ve never been good at it and I was doubtful if I ever could be. After a few months of lessons, I feel like I’ve started a personally significant process. Vocal lessons with Greg aren`t  just about the mechanics of technique. For the novice, they are about exploring ways of using the body as an instrument and infusing that instrument with your personality to the best of your ability, and it is a learning process that requires attention, empathy, and knowledge – all of which are provided by Greg. From lesson to lesson, through persistent practice and constant guidance, I notice my improvement, and while I have a long way to go to “be good at singing”, I’ve gained the confidence that I will get there eventually and can genuinely enjoy the experience of getting there in the meantime.” Matt,  Lincoln

“I have been singing all my life in choirs from infant school onwards. At secondary school I discovered the rich repertoire of Anglican church music which has led to the great privilege of being able to sing in Cathedrals when regular choirs are on holiday. As my career took me around the country I always joined a choir in each new area and was fortunate to meet a fellow singer who has been my wife for 36 years. Together we sing in 3 choirs regularly, two of which are conducted by Greg Wright. I had taken singing lessons for a time some 30 years ago, but following my retirement in 2006, I decided to take regular lessons once more. Greg was the obvious choice as a teacher, since I know him well and relate well to his conducting style. Fortnightly lessons with him have given me the opportunity to refresh and develop my technique, to learn to relax when singing, and have been hugely enjoyable. My vocal range has improved, and top tenor notes no longer need the falsetto register. I never felt I lacked confidence as a singer, but I have felt able to put myself forward for small solo parts in some of our choral work. All in all, Greg’s laid-back approach, underpinned by extensive musical knowledge, competence and singing and conducting experience, has been instrumental in sustaining and improving my vocal technique and all-round enjoyment of singing.”  Paul, Harmston

“I started out singing hymns in my local primary school choir which then developed into a love for taking part in the school shows and musicals. Since then I have performed in local shows and pursued a career in Performing Arts and Drama, and have previously worked for two entertainment companies in Europe. I went to Greg to help me gain more confidence and perfect my technique as I have never had any “formal” training, and he has helped me achieve both of these things – and more.” Lewis, Lincoln

“I am 16 years old and studying for my A Levels.  I would like to get my Grade 8 singing before I go to University, but I have never had any singing lessons, before I started my lessons with Greg last October.  I really enjoy my lessons and look forward to them all day. I like the variety of music that I get to sing and I feel that my voice is improving.  I  got a distinction in my Grade 5 at Christmas and  I sang in a concert for the first time last week at school.” Sarah, Wragby

“I have been having singing lessons with Greg Wright for several years and have progressed so much that I now regularly sing solo or semi-chorus with the various choirs of which I am a member. Specific areas which have improved greatly under Greg’s tutorage are breath-control, relaxation during performance and confidence. Greg has an holistic approach to singing which helps to improve all areas and not just one aspect.” Carol Hill, Lincoln

“Although I already had some musical knowledge and read music competently, I opted to take lessons with Greg to improve my singing technique, having enjoyed being in a choir of which he was the musical director. His quiet, gentle approach immediately allayed any initial embarrassment and apprehension that I felt and he has helped me to sing with increased confidence and capability. The importance of new singing techniques features regularly within the lessons because Greg keeps updating his own knowledge. He also encourages me to appreciate a wide variety of vocal music. My lesson with Greg is one of the highlights of my week and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to discover the joy of singing or to improve their existing abilities.” Margaret Dowlman, Washingborough, Lincoln

“I am a young dancer studying at college, and with no singing experience. I started singing with Greg Wright 5 months ago because it is a great advantage for a dancer to be able to sing. Greg has catered for my individual needs and I’m now aware of how to breath correctly, stand with correct posture and sing in tune – especially the high notes. At a recent audition, I surprised myself by being better at singing than the other candidates.” Robert, Newark

“Greg has been my singing teacher for a number of years and has always shown a positive and considered interest in my vocal needs. He also shows a patient and progressive attitude to both vocal techniques and the requirements of performing to the best standards one can attain, both as a choir member and soloist. As I am now late into my career as a singer, and over 70 years of age, I am sure Greg has improved my ability and enabled me to progress considerably since I joined him. I consider my fees as an excellent investment and couldn’t be more satisfied with Greg as my singing teacher.” Ron, Lincoln

“Three years ago I just couldn’t sing! Two years ago I began having lessons with Greg and have attended regularly ever since – usually twice weekly. Greg’s high level of music-teaching skills, together with my own practice and hard work, resulted in a ‘merit’ in a grade 5 music exam – within a year! Now I have progressed to singing publicly – in a large choir, in small groups and in duets. What me!” Mary Walker, Nettleham, Lincoln    Telephone: 01522 523865    Mobile: 07776 150909

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